Damage Repairs

Damage Repairs

DJ Hall Roofing can take immediate action to restore your roof following a storm of any kind. We can seamlessly repair and restore your roof, no matter its configuration or manufacturer. Sometimes roof damage is unavoidable, but you can put your trust in the local team at DJ Hall Roofing to help you. 

Fire Damage Repairs and Water Damage Repairs

Fires and floods can cause untold damage to homes and businesses. DJ Hall Roofing can coordinate efforts to restore your home or business following these incidents. We focus on taking a personalized approach to calculate your exact needs and provide the necessary materials, supplies, and team members to restore your property as quickly as possible. 

Emergency Services
We can work with other tradesmen to take emergency action 24/7. One of our staff members can work with you to assess your needs in the areas of plumbing, electrical work, and more.

Fire and Smoke
Standard approved protocol is followed to treat, repair, and replace elements of the structure. We control and remove smoke smell through methods accepted and proven within the industry. Through our experience, you are assured burned and charred studs, drywall, cabinetry, etc. are dealt with appropriately with our goal of rebuilding your structure to a pre-loss condition, timely and effectively.

Moisture Testing
We have the equipment and personnel to check and test damaged areas to industry standards to assess the water damage for treatment, repair, or replacement of the effected materials. Evaluation and testing is required to quantify the extent of the damage. 

Water & Moisture Removal
Water damage can occur when the fire department is putting out the fire. Flooring often suffers from water damage the most, and our team can provide the fast response to restore it. The process of water and moisture removal can include removing damaged areas, repairing structures, and more.

Content and Furnishing
Unfortunately, your furniture and other property can be ruined from water and fire damage. We can sort, move, clean, treat, and restore your valuable furnishings.

Design and Programming
After a fire, analyzing the extent of the damage can be almost impossible for most homeowners or business owners. Enlist our help to assess the damage and calculate the cost of remodeling or reconstruction. 

Once you’ve approved the remodeling and reconstruction items, we can make sure all the permits and materials are in order. As always, we will keep you fully appraised of project progress at all times. 

From removing damaged items to cleaning up after construction, we can make sure all the elements of your home or business are brought together.

Private Project and Insurance Claim Processing
Trust us to provide all the necessary insurance documentation for your restoration project. We can work through and with your insurance company during your claims process. 

Odor Treatment
If it has an odor or smells bad, it needs to be treated. By using the proper solutions on particular materials and items, whether a coating or spray, the treatment dissolves and treats causes of odors restoring your home or business to its original condition.

Wind Damage Repairs

Most people think of water or fire as the main danger to roofing systems, but strong winds can also cause severe damage. Winds that tear shingles off your home or simply lift them up can make your roof susceptible to further roof damage. From loose shingles to roof deterioration, the damage can be significant. 

The primary cause of wind damage is from the partial vacuum created by wind blowing over the edge of the roof. Nature tries to neutralize the low-pressure area by bringing in air from a higher pressure area, usually from inside the building. This air pushes up on the bottom side of the roof assembly and, over time, loosens fasteners and breaks the adhesion making the roof susceptible to damage from the next moderate or strong wind. To counteract the effects of wind-uplift forces, the roofing and insulation should be adequately fastened to the roof deck, and a securely-fastened perimeter detail should be provided.

DJ Hall Roofing can ensure your roofing is appropriately fastened to withstand high winds. Following a storm, we can repair the damage to your roofing system caused by wind. 

Ice Dam Repairs

What is an ice dam?
An ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of a roof and prevents melting snow (water) from draining off the roof. The water that backs up behind the dam can leak into a home and cause damage to walls, ceilings, insulation, and other areas.

What causes ice dams?
There is a complex interaction among the amount of heat loss from a house, snow cover, and outside temperatures that leads to ice dam formation. For ice dams to form there must be snow on the roof, and, at the same time, higher portions of the roof's outside surface must be above 32° F while lower surfaces are below 32°F. For a portion of the roof to be below 32°F, outside temperatures must also be below 32°F. When we say temperatures above or below 32°F, we are talking about average temperature over sustained periods of time.

The snow on a roof surface that is above 32°F will melt. As water flows down the roof it reaches the portion of the roof that is below 32°F and freezes.

The dam grows as it is fed by the melting snow above it, but it will limit itself to the portions of the roof that are on the average below 32°F. Therefore, the water above backs up behind the ice dam and remains a liquid. This water finds cracks and openings in the exterior roof covering and flows into the attic space. From the attic it could flow into exterior walls or through the ceiling insulation and stain the ceiling finish. 

At DJ Hall Roofing, we can help prevent ice dams on your roof by ensuring the best roofing practices that follow proper insulation levels. Additionally, we can make sure your roof is completely sealed off so that no air leaks from the house into the roofing area. 

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