Snow & Ice Removal

Expert Snow & Ice Removal

New England winters can be harsh and and while some roofs can bear the weight of a lot of snow and ice, some could  suffer structural damage with only a few inches. 

Expert Snow Removal
Our experienced roofing experts can assess the condition of you roof and recommend the removal of snow buildup. This buildup can damage your roofing shingles as well as the integrity of your roof and let the melting snow go where it shouldn't. 

Ice Dam Removal
Ice dams happen when the roof is warm enough to melt the snow that is on top of it. Along the edges ice will form and, as it accumulates, can tear away gutters, loose shingles and make water back up, where it will find any crack to leak into.  

We will remove these ice dams and find the reason they are forming, which you save you thousands in repair.

Ice Dam Prevention
Ice dams are a symptom of an underlying problem. Prevent their formation by sealing any spots where warm air is leaking into the space below the roof sheathing. Do this by insulating your living area to prevent heat loss through the ceiling. Finally, vent the space between the insulation and the roof sheathing so that any heat that is escaping is carried away. 
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