Roofing Services

DJ Hall Roofing is the GAF Master Elite Authorized Installer trusted by homeowners, contractors, and businesses in Torrington, CT. From installation to repairs, we ensure your roofing needs are taken care of. We can provide the following roofing services: 

Tear-offs and recovers can replace an existing roof that has been worn down over time or severely damaged. 

Roof Repairs
Some caulking or leak repairs can mend your roof at a fraction of the cost. We offer repairs for homeowners, real estate agents and insurance claims.

Roofing Maintenance
We can protect your valuable investment by providing adjustments to prevent future failures. 

Roofing Inspections
Regular roofing inspections consist of an examination of the condition of your roof. 

Roofing Installation
Ensure the best products are used on your roof with our efficient roofing installation services. In fact, we are a GAF Master Elite Authorized Installer with over 25 years of experience with shingle roofing, TPO membrane roofing, EPDM membrane roofing, and more. 

Flat Roof Specialists

TPO Membrane Roofing
TPO single-ply membrane roofing is growing in popularity as demand increases for heat-reflective and energy efficient roofing systems. It provides exceptional resistance to UV, ozone, and chemical exposure. And, the seams are welded to provide superior strength - reportedly three to four times as strong as EPDM's adhesive and tape seams. Clients who chose TPO will also benefit from its high resistance to tears, impact, punctures and its enviable flexibility, which accommodates building movement.

The size of TPO membrane varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually comes in widths of six to six-and-a-half feet and one-hundred feet in length. It is available in two thicknesses, 45 mil and 60 mil., and a subdued palette (i.e., white, light gray, and black). When properly installed (i.e., fully adhered, mechanically attached, or ballasted), TPO membrane roof systems can last upwards of 20 years.

EPDM Membrane Roofing
EPDM, or "rubber roof", is the most common form of membrane roofing available. It is a single-ply membrane comprised of rubber compounds and other chemicals.

Rubber roofing comes in different mill thicknesses (i.e., 45 mill, 45 mill reinforced, 60 mill [the most common], 60 mill reinforced, and 90 mill) and widths. DJ Hall Roofing installs it on all different types of decking (i.e., concrete, wood, steel, lightweight gyp decking, and tectum decking), using one of four methods: full adhered, mechanically fastened, batten-in-seam, or ballasted.

To install a fully-adhered rubber roof, roofing contractors use a bonding adhesive, which can be adhered to many different sub-straights and insulations (i.e., fiber-board, perlite, iso-cyanurate, and EPS). Most rubber roofs will be secured with insulation plates and screws. The height and configuration of the building will determine the number of fasteners per sq. ft. and the placement of the fasteners on the insulation.

There are several written details used in association with rubber roofing systems. Primers, in-seam tape, bonding adhesive, flashing material, inseam plates, insulation plates, screws, metal edging, cap flashings, thru wall flashings, metal skirts, pitch boxes, curbs, vent pipes, and exhaust fans are just a few.

Rugged, Dependable Performance

As a GAF Master Elite Authorized Installer, DJ Hall Roofing provides the safest, most dependable roofing systems in North America. The GAF 50-year 100% warranty means that all labor, material, dumpster, and cleanup work will be covered for 50 years. 

We start by providing perfect protection for your home and back our services with the peace of mind of a great warranty. There’s no reason to trust your asset to anyone else. Find out a few of the other reasons why GAF is your best and safest choice for roofing products by visiting their website.

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